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The Xaris Firm is a forward thinking, woman-owned business in Atlanta, GA, that was established in response to the growing need of organizations and non-profit agencies to compete for funding and to deliver and sustain needed services. Over the years, the need for technical assistance and training focused on grant-readiness, strategic planning, and program evaluation, has grown tremendously, and The Xaris Firm has positioned itself to offer a unique combination of skills and expertise to assist organizations in building their internal capacity.

Our Approach

The Xaris Firm’s staff has over 12 years of professional experience working across academic, nonprofit, local-, state-, and federal- government, and healthcare- sectors and has subject matter expertise in public health practice and research, healthcare research and social services research. The firm utilizes proven strategies to ensure accountability, flexibility, responsiveness, and quality performance.

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Cagney Morns
Founder & Business Consultant

The Xaris Firm, LLC is a consulting firm that primarily offers non-profits, government agencies, academic institutions, and other organizations support through technical assistance and training, planning, program evaluation and implementation of research methodologies.

As the principal consultant, Cagney Morns has 12 years experience in research, capacity building and program evaluation. Her leadership in particular, has been instrumental in helping clients improve operational effectiveness, demonstrate impact through outcome measurement, and ensuring long-term sustainability. As a capacity building consultant, program evaluator, and researcher, she has worked across various sectors including, government, healthcare, and nonprofit, and brings a wealth of practical experience and solutions to address common challenges faced by organizations. As a seasoned practitioner, she excels in blending her evaluation and research expertise when translating research findings into practice and identifying the extent to which programs/initiatives can fit within the context of the real-world.

As a researcher, she specifically has experience in implementing both quantitative and qualitative study designs and robust program evaluations, and as a capacity building consultant she has experience in leading clients to think more systematically when conceptualizing programs or initiatives. Using a collaborative approach to engagement, Cagney is committed to helping clients strategize, plan, implement, and successfully evaluate the overall impact of their efforts.

Cagney earned a Master of Public Health, in Epidemiology from Georgia Southern University, and is a both a member and leader within the American Evaluation Association.

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